Thursday, April 8, 2010

So just how much are the Dodgers worth (part two)?

A few weeks ago, as Frank and Jamie fought about just how wealthy the couple actually is, I wrote:
As for the Dodgers, I'm inclined to believe they're currently worth around $900 million, not including the stadium, land, or tax liability. Not a terrible return on a $371 million investment.
Forbes disagrees with me, valuing the Dodgers at $727 million. So what's with the disparity? Well, to start with, mine was (mostly) a guess. An educated one, but I don't exactly pay my bills valuing baseball teams. Some folks at Forbes do. The magazine also values teams by a variety of factors--sport, brand, stadium, and brand management--as opposed to the simple revenue multiplier used by other industry watchers. Interestingly, Forbes also shows the Dodgers as running at least $13 million in the black each year since 2006--a figure I'm sure Jamie's lawyers have noticed.

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  1. I am wondering what the value is of the other assets currently, and what the values were when the post-nup was signed.

    My analysis:
    If the post-nup did not split the assets somewhat equally at the time it was signed, Frank's burden of proof that Jamie signed it knowingly is a lot higher. I'm fact, if it was grossly uneven, the judge is almost certain to invalidate it.

    If it did split evenly, but Jamie's half went in the tank while the Dodgers didn't, the judge is likely to leave ownership as is but require Frank to pay some of the Dodger gains to

    BTW - if the valuation numbers have been posted here already and someone can link me I would be appreciative.