Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Colletti-Kemp drama

Being more of a baseball thing than a Dodger Divorce item, I've posted my thoughts on the situation at The Hardball Times. The meat of it:
[M]ake no mistake: Matt Kemp is their best player. On the list of factors contributing to the Dodgers' ugly start, Matt Kemp's defense and baserunning don't make the top 10, and probably fall somewhere between 'George Sherrill is having some control issues' and 'oh dear God, Garret Anderson has been allowed to bat 39 times.' Which is to say: yes, Kemp's defense and baserunning could be better. But a good team doesn't play poorly because one thing this mild goes badly; it takes a combination of several bad things happening at once, and that's precisely what's happening.

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