Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well hold on just one minute US Weekly.

So Tiger Woods is in a little bit of trouble. This seems to be a much more divisive topic than the McCourt divorce, mostly in that everyone seemed to already hate the McCourts, while everyone loves Tiger Woods. There are people who are legitimately disappointed by this. I mean, this was Tiger! He was supposed to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.

But I digress. CBS discussing an US Weekly report I can't seem to find:
US Weekly has reported that the couple has a prenuptial agreement worth $300 million, which would make this the most expensive celebrity divorce in history. Right now, Michael Jordan holds that record when his wife, Juanita, received an estimated $150 million settlement.
Now, I suppose one could say that the McCourts aren't celebrities, but...come on. They're celebrities. We can agree on this. For heaven's sake, their divorce has spawned a niche blog. That is celebrity.

So the question: where will the McCourt divorce land on the "most expensive celebrity divorce ever" spectrum? It seems to me that, in both the cases above, the size of the divorce was determined by what the athlete's wife took away from the divorce.* So we'll measure ours in Jamie's take.

*A quick caveat, of course: Tiger and Elin might not divorce. In fact, I'd be surprised if they did. We're just spitballin' here.

If the post-nup holds, Jamie might struggle to beat out Juanita Jordan. While the real estate was, at some point in time, probably worth over $150 million, that doesn't seem terribly likely anymore. And there's some debt, too. While she does have other assets--jewelry, artwork, an investment fund, vehicles--I don't think she's a slam dunk to eclipse $150 million.

If the post-nup falls, though, Jamie might threaten Elin's possible $300 million figure. As we've discussed in the past, I think a $600 million net worth for the McCourts is probably on the high side, but it's within the realm of possibility.

I don't know much about Elin, really--do any of us?--but I would tell her that if she has some twisted desire to land the biggest payout in celebrity divorce history, she might want to cast her gaze to the West. There's a battle for the Dodgers in the making.


To those of you who have e-mailed asking if I plan to jump headlong into the Woods situation: not at this point. It's still far too TMZ-y for my tastes, and I have enough on my plate already with the McCourts. Lest you forget, I'm sort of a nerd...numbers and contracts and courtrooms are more interesting to me than mistresses around the globe. Plus, let's be honest...Tiger's one of the most powerful people in the entire world, and if he's passionate about one thing, it's golf. But if he's passionate about two things, they are golf and his privacy. I'd rather avoid even the appearance of threatening his Tiger cocoon.


  1. No way do Tiger-gren get a divorce. There is this hanging problem of, let's call it, "aggravated assault." IF Elin took a three-iron to Tiger's perfectly chiseled face, the prosepct of divorce might not be much of a prospect for Elin. After all, you can't do much with $300 million from a cold Florida prison. What's the statute of limitations?

  2. Latest on the Tiger-Elin situation seems to be that she had a pre-nup that wasn't anywhere near as cash rich as the US Weekly one. HuffPo is saying that it's being revised to be $5MM cash now and another $55MM in 2 years.

  3. Tiger and Elin's problems aren't about money. The McCourts' problems and reason for divorce are a very big hint that are about money. Tiger has huge revenue sources that are separate from his golf winnings. The McCourts are leverage to the hilt, and are praying that the Dodgers don't have a down year so they can pay their loans on time, and put each penny to keep their credit lines open.

    Tiger and Elin have two young children, the McCourts' children are all grown. What kept the McCourts together were their chutzpah, which people in commercial real estate need. I don't see the Woods divorcing yet, mainly because they have young children. I see them divorcing in a couple years if couples counseling doesn't work, or Tiger decides to collect Vegas waitresses again.

  4. Greg--

    Yeah, I've seen the revised numbers. What a weird situation. Can't imagine it's good for the kids to have Dad paying Mom to stay around.


    You kill it, as usual. The saddest part of all of this, to me, is seeing Tiger completely exposed as a manufactured product, a robot.


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