Friday, December 18, 2009

This is costing how much?

At the end of this Bill Shaikin blog post about how Tiger Woods figures into the McCourt divorce, we learn:
In yesterday's court hearing . . . the lawyer for Jamie McCourt said that [Sorrell] Trope's firm had charged $239,000 for work during the month of November alone. Dennis Wasser, the lawyer for Jamie McCourt, said two other firms had charged a combined $461,000 in November for work on behalf of Frank McCourt.
So that's where Frank's money is. Frank spent $700,000 on legal work related to the divorce last month. All of the sudden, I'm reconsidering the motivation behind his desired early start date. I do wonder if the team is somehow paying some or all of the fees, as the litigation stands to dramatically affect the organization. I suppose it's possible that this was why the team had asked to be a party to the proceedings. I generally like to avoid assumptions, but we know how lavishly the McCourts lived on the Dodgers' dime. Is it possible that the club's footing the bill for the divorce, too? And if so, the failure to land a notable free agent (or extend the budding superstar) will be an even tougher pill to swallow.

The road to May 24 is going to be a long and expensive one.

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