Tuesday, December 8, 2009

McCourts have "amicably resolved" support...for now.

Remember that $488,000/month Jamie was seeking in temporary spousal support? Not anymore. According to the LA Times' Bill Shaikin, that issue has been amicably resolved. It sounds like it will still be a point of contention long-term. And, of course, the fight over the post-nup (and, effectively, the Dodgers) still looms.

As far as long-term impact goes, this doesn't rate very high. The only thing I really take away from this is that it at least demonstrates that the sides can work together on some level. It's entirely possible the motivation behind the agreement was that fighting over the temporary support amount would be costlier to each party--in dollars and publicity--than simply meeting somewhere in the middle.

Shaikin also quotes Frank's recent filing as saying that the divorce is "creating a hardship for Dodgers management." As Shaikin points out, this contrasts with the "business as usual" message we've been hearing from various players in this drama at other points.

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  1. Kinda makes last winter's Manny saga a fond memory. Selig is partly to blame and his retirement cannot come soon enough.