Friday, November 20, 2009

Links and thoughts.

Not a ton going on in Dodger Divorce land today, so here are some other little corners of the internet where there is news:
  • Former Dodger catcher Paul LoDuca is eyeing a comeback. Craig Calcaterra thinks that's a dandy idea but for his drug, gambling, and love-life issues.
  • Memories of Kevin Malone submits for your viewing pleasure its own very well-conceived offseason plan for the Dodgers. Spoiler: it doesn't involve resigning Paul LoDuca.
  • CNN jumps into the McCourt divorce fray as part of a broader look at how divorce impacts businesses.
  • WORLD Magazine (I'm not yelling at you, that's how they title it) suggests that "[w]hatever the legal outcome, the team is likely to suffer." As we've discussed, I don't think that is necessarily a foregone conclusion. The Dodgers are good.
So there's lots of talk about these arbitration-eligible Dodgers. Specifically, who to let go, who to ride with year-to-year, and who to extend. Now, the caveat here is that any extension is fine at the right price. In my opinion, here's the priority of extensions:
  1. Matt Kemp. There really shouldn't be much argument here. Best young center fielder in the game.
  2. Chad Billingsley. Call it a buy-low opportunity. This guy's not far-removed from the superstar track, and none of the injuries figure to be problems going forward. Lock him up.
  3. Andre Ethier. Gotta be sensible here, though. He's not as young as the rest of this group.
  4. Jonathan Broxton. At the right price, of course. He could well catch Eric Gagne disease. This is more of a cost-predictability move, in my book, than a value play.
  5. Hong-Chih Kuo. Can't imagine it'd take much to lock him up for three years.
  6. Russ Martin. Red flags and warning signs abound. Unless he wants to give the club a true sweetheart deal, I don't see it.
  7. George Sherrill. Probably not worth what he'll make next year anyway.
  8. James Loney. I'm gonna look awfully dumb having him this low if the he ends up generating as much power as his swing appears to create. It's a beaut.
  9. Jason Repko. See ya.
Off to a happy hour, a hockey game, and some other undetermined activity that will hopefully start with "h", preserving my alliterative agenda. Have a great Friday!

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