Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jamie's not headed back to the office.

Per the AP.

Court Commissioner Scott Gordon said that there was no California law supporting her stance. I know you were all waiting for pool news, too, and here it is*: Jamie will have to just make do with that ever-so-small pool at the $27 million Malibu beach house. And the Pacific Ocean, of course. No word on whether Jamie's request for a restraining order was granted, but it seems likely, as Gordon is giving each McCourt two trips to the other's house to pick up personal belongings. Both parties have also been enjoined from removing the other's name from credit cards.

*Update: TMZ got their facts wrong the first time around. Jamie gets 6am-2pm indoor pool use at the Holmby Hills residence that Frank will keep through the proceedings. Sorry folks.

**Update to the update: Frank's not staying at that house after all. He'll be at an undisclosed location for now. Guess here is as far from Los Angeles as a G-IV can take him a posh hotel.

Carla Hall of the LA Times reports:

Although [Jamie's] attorneys had argued that [her reinstatement bid] was simply a matter of returning her to the “marital status quo,” Commissioner Scott Gordon found otherwise.
“From an employment analysis, there’s no law that would support the court reinstating an employee,” Gordon said. The commissioner said that the issue of whether the team is community property is a complex issue that should be decided at trial, not at the emergency hearing he was presiding over today.

More to follow...and am I the only one getting a kick out of "Commissioner Gordon"? Only in L.A....and it gets better: Commissioner Gordon's chambers have an unobstructed view of Dodger Stadium. If a clever reader can Photoshop a Matt Kemp batsignal, his or her work will be featured on such prominent websites as: this one.

Also, that AP article mentioning Commissioner Gordon's view notes that Jamie might have another opportunity to ask for reinstatement if the team is declared community property. As of this morning, the first hearing in that mess of litigation was scheduled for November 30, but the unrelated December 1 hearing on maintenance was pushed to December 15, so I'm not confident this morning's schedule is still accurate.

Some fairly important developments from Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times. Most notably, the Dodgers will not be allowed to participate as a party to the case. This doesn't mean they won't be involved, but it certainly limits their ability to steer the litigation. Additionally, Jamie's attorneys don't expect the battle for ownership of the Dodgers to begin in earnest until the calendar flips to 2010. We've seen some well-known family law attorneys speculate that this might drag out over the course of 24-36 months, so pull up a comfortable chair and grab your popcorn.

Update: No, I'm not the only one amused by "Commissioner Gordon." Some fun stuff in the comments at Dodger Thoughts.

I'll have a more organized reaction to today's proceedings up a little bit later, along with a little surprise.


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