Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, it all makes sense now!

Prepared by Jamie's forensic accountant, David J. Swan. "TMBLP" is The McCourt-Broderick Limited Partnership.


  1. The Dodgers are actually owned by Big Brother Frank and the LA Holding Company? Take another piece of my heart now Jamie.

  2. Please, oh please...we need the whole document!

  3. Thanks for the good laugh Dave!

  4. The Flow Chart is trying to look impressive but it really isn't. The Montana property is a parcel at the Yellowstone Club/Private Ski Area. The only other properties that I see as outside of the Dodgers and part of Real Estate Development is the College St. Buildings. JMC is either his father's construction company or a some sort of a shell of a construction company. Camelback Ranch is probably some sort or Joint Lease agreement or possibly a REIT, but more likely a joint lease with the White Sox and own by the city of Glendale, Ariz.

    BlueLand Co is separate, because it is probably in hock for more loans, ditto for the Real Co holdings, which probably also include some sort of parking revenue vehicle. (Which I won't be surprise that the McCourts put that up for more loans as well)..

    My question, which has been since the beginning of the McCourts' ownership, how much of of these assets are leveraged? and how much?