Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jamie's monthly budget is nicer than mine.

Enough with that heavy stuff...Jamie's in the news! Bill Shaikin reports that Jamie will get at least $1.4 million to tide her over from now until next month's hearing on the amount of temporary spousal support. So, if you're keeping track, here's the timeline for her support demands (and awards):

  • October: asks for about $500,000 a month if not reinstated. Not reinstated, but she did get one payment of about that much to cover the remainder of her '09 salary.
  • November: hearing to determine temporary support pushed back to December
  • December: undisclosed temporary agreement reached, hearing for permanent arrangements pushed to April
  • January: April hearing rescheduled for late March
  • February: $1.4 million payment above
  • March: tentative hearing to resolve temporary support issue
That's just ridiculous, isn't it? Shaikin notes that the $1.4 million payment comes from the liquidation of a joint investment account, which could have been the "Pinnacle Hedge Fund" referenced in Frank's filings. In any case, we're a long way off from resolving the support issue permanently--it won't go up until the ownership of the team is decided. 

Elsewhere, in a great Jorge L. Ortiz story in the USA Today, new Colletti quotes:
Our payroll's still going to be strong, and it's not how much money you have to spend. It's really how you spend it. 
Our position players and our bullpen are almost completely intact from a year ago, and our bench has a chance to be even better. Our concern is making sure we have enough starting pitching, but almost anybody you talk to across baseball might tell you the same thing.
The position players, of course, are intact...minus an excellent second baseman. The bench does have a chance to be better, much in the same way that a coin has a chance of landing heads three times in a row. And "enough" starting pitching isn't the problem. Good starting pitching is. 

It's an inferior team to last year's, due mostly to financial constraints. It should still be pretty good, very much able to compete for a playoff spot. Just say that.

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