Friday, June 18, 2010

Jamie tells Frank to pay up.

According to TMZ, Frank has not paid Jamie the required amount of temporary spousal support, some $637,159 per month. It's unclear from the report how far behind on the payments Jamie alleges Frank has fallen, but it appears that Jamie is again barking up the Dodgers perquisites tree. Frank, according to the report, has not paid Jamie because he believes she owes him millions. Withholding her allowance, it seems, would be some sort of set-off exercise.

Saddled with expenses related to the former couple's several properties, Jamie claims her monthly expenses run about $1 million, including tens of thousands of dollars for personal expenses and donations. This, to me, is where this story starts to lose touch with reality. Say someone loses their job but has a fair amount of money saved, enough so they wouldn't have to change their lifestyle. Wouldn't that person, until their situation stabilized, at least consider the necessity of their expenses in the interim?

Among her monthly bills, Jamie lists just over $30,000 in professional fees. This tells me her lawyers are still working on IOU's, and they intend to recover their costs from Frank's side. Several of Jamie's attorneys cannot be billing much less than $1,000 per hour, and I would be floored if they're managing to rack up as little as $30,000 each month in fees. Saying all this hand-wringing over money issues is a game of chess overcomplicates things; really, neither side wants to set the precedent of paying the bills, even as we're mere months away from a final resolution. We hope.

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