Thursday, January 28, 2010


ESPN's Keith Law released his Top 100 prospects of 2010 feature (Insider only). Of interest to us, Carlos Santana is Law's 3rd-ranked prospect in the Cleveland organization all of baseball. The Dodgers took Casey Blake and the remaining $2 million on his contract from the Indians in 2008 for a prospect who ended up the third best in the game. Oof. The first Dodger on the 2010 list is Devaris Gordon, ranked 39th by Law. Of Gordon, Law says, "His upside is substantial, but he's more like 19-year-old player in a 22-year-old body; he has to develop at a faster pace than a typical tools prospect to reach that [Jimmy] Rollins-like potential."

In 2008, Law wrote of Santana, "                      ," as Santana was not among his top-100, though Dodgers Kershaw, LaRoche, Hu, McDonald, and Withrow were. In the spring following the Blake-Santana trade, though, Law wrote about the "existential crisis [he] underwent when first hearing the Dodgers had traded this great catching prospect for an old, not very good impending free agent. It can't possibly be real." Santana had a great spring, evidently. Withrow made the list again this year, checking in at #83.


  1. In 2008, Law wrote of Santana, " ,"

    nice! :))

  2. Guys a doosh, he's criticized several Dodgers who went on to be decent players on our team like Ronnie Belliard.

  3. kingcarcas- Keith Law is one of the most intelligent baseball minds out there.

    Belliard is no fantastic player, there's plenty to criticize there.

    And unfortunately there's plenty to criticize about the Dodgers and how they've been operating.

    Oh, and it's spelled "douche".

    1. In 2008, Law wrote of Santana, " ,", what did you say? I don't see anything.