Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frank responds

No docs for me to peruse yet, but I'm sure we'll go through them at length later.

For now, know this: the Dodgers and the divorce court are now facebook friends, which means the Dodgers can post links on the court's wall.

Not really, but kind of.

The Dodgers claim, and TMZ has confirmed*, that Jamie was, as previously mentioned, involved with the help. The Dodgers note the hollowness of Jamie's demands to be reinstated, stating, "These two married but estranged people cannot even deal with one another from a distance. Yet she wants to reenter full employment and get dropped off and picked up every day by the individual who betrayed his own employer and its owner." From this angle, I think they're half right. She sure as hell doesn't want to be in the office with Frank right now, but she may indeed wish to be ferried around by Fuller, safe from whatever harm might befall a baseball team owner traveling to dangerous places. The Dodgers have also paid Jamie her salary through the end of this year.

*As a novice blogger but barely un-novice legal writer, I'm a little wary of saying TMZ confirms things. I need a bloggy security guard to protect me in these dangerous places.

McCourt claims that the 2004 asset-transfer arrangement left him with the Dodgers and her with the residences. The Dodgers are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and the real estate perhaps a mere hundred million. Such an imbalance in consideration is sometimes ok, but also sometimes not, as we'll discuss later. You can guess which McCourt will say it's a fair trade. He says she was motivated by the desire to shield herself from creditors should the Dodgers fail. The plan was that if their $1.2 billion empire crumbled, they'd still have some fancy roofs over their heads. Of course, she thinks that was all a ruse. This is gonna be fun.

I'm still waiting on the documents, but in the mean time, more:

The AP reports that Jamie and Jeff Fuller--her lover/bodyguard/driver--did some Dodger business in Israel in July. She, as the "face of the Dodgers," was there to sponsor the baseball portion of the Maccabiah Games--an international athletics competition. Jamie and Fuller then gallivanted about France for two-and-a-half weeks on the Dodgers dime. Frank claims that Jamie failed to perform an integral role of an $800 million operation's CEO: updating him on her whereabouts and activities.* These two are a pair, folks.

*One wonders how detailed this responsibility was. When I was a kid, my parents didn't really care where I was, as long as I told them when I was changing places and came in to say goodnight when I got home. I picture this with the McCourts, except in G-IV's and multimillion dollar homes, some of which have dreadfully small pools unsuitable for long-distance swimming.

Fuller, incidentally, was fired along with McCourt. I can think of better legal strategies than essentially painting the picture that you fired a woman for not sleeping with you anymore. This is gonna be fun. I keep telling you people that, and I mean it. Time for me to change locations. Will I be fired for not giving my boss proper status updates? It's about as likely as taking a two-and-a-half week vacation in France with my lover/bodyguard/driver.

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